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Using Globus you can transfer files between various storage services here at Bucknell and other Globus sites. You can also use Globus to transfer data to/from your personal computer using Globus Connect Personal.

  1. Login to Globus. Once you login, you should be on the File Manager screen.
  2. Select the Collection field at the top. Type Bucknell and you should see a list of endpoints. Select one of these endpoints. Note that you can also search for other endpoints to select systems outside of Bucknell, including your personal computer or Google Drive.
  3. Once you’ve selected the endpoint, you will be prompted to allow authentication/consent. Select “Continue”. On the next page, select your Bucknell username (e.g., Then, on the next page, select “Allow”. Note that the default lifetime of these credentials is 11 days.
  4. Select Transfer or Sync To… in the menu on the right and repeat this procedure for the Transfer or sync to… field.
  5. To transfer data, simply select the data from the side you’d like to transfer and then select Start at the bottom to copy the data to the other endpoint.
  6. You can monitor your transfer request by selecting the Activity in the left menu. You should also receive an email when the transfer completes.

You can find additional information about logging and transferring data at